Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Pre-print chapter 1 up

One reason I have not been posting is that I've been working feverishly trying to get this book ready for a pre-print run. That has finally occurred. Yay!

I have placed the first chapter as well as the introduction and an Appendix on what Jesus didn't preach online.

Click HERE to download.

Note, if you grabbed this chapter earlier, you might want to look at the current has had a lot of revision and polish, etc.

I hope for the book to be out by February.


The Mystical Bearmaster said...

hanks, Bro - gives me some Christmas reading! Have a good one!

The Mystical Bearmaster said...

Now you've got me hungry, and while I could argue that Jesus teachings more correctly belong to the Old Testament rather than the New, I can't wait for the rest of your book as you put it together - it certainly has me questioning some of my presuppositions.


qraal said...

Hi David

Hope Xmas was good for you. For us, Family time, which was good this year, though we had to drive between in-laws a hundred km.

BTW I noticed you mentioned Shem Tov's Hebrew Matthew. Excellent. I've been researching it some more and it seems to have withstood scholarly criticism since Howard published his 2nd edition. There's a massive study of the Hebrew text which I discovered by a Professor in the US who tries to reconstruct where the text has become obscure because of scribal slippage. Hebrew letters are notorious for being miswritten. I'll send you the details

David Rudel said...

Stephen, I hope the new excerpt will tie you over until the book comes out.

Anonymous said...

I would hope that Christians are honest and that the Jesus' death on the cross and subsequent resurrection and that he was the messiah foretold was central to Christianity. This is it and I find it hard for any Christian to hold different.

David Rudel said...

Hi there, anonymous.

I think you might be misconstruing a point I have made a few times.

I would never say that Jesus' resurrection and Messiahship are not central to Christianity. In fact, in several places in my book I describe how under-valued the resurrection is today.

My point is that these things were _not_ part of Jesus' message before He died. They were most certainly part of the apostle's message after He died, but that is a separate matter.

However, the modern gospel that Jesus died as a sacrifice for individual's sins so that we do not have to suffer eternal wrath in hell was not preached by anyone for several hundred years.

My point is that understanding what Jesus' gospel message was before He was crucified can help us better understand the point of His death and resurrection [which are, I'll repeat, absolutely central to Christianity].