Thursday, February 26, 2009

Book is Available

8 years in the making [kinda]

But my book is now available to most English speakers in the world.

Go to for details.


Jamie said...

Interested to hear about this book! I've been browsing the blog and am looking forward to seeing your perspective on things.

Philip said...

I have bought your book because I find your approach intriguing. I am about to start reading it and wanted to find out how heresy could end up in the publishing name. I ended up on your blog. I found it disappointing in your profile to find nothing about your faith and your practice thereof. To me, that is important should I suspect undertones in your writing.

David Rudel said...

Hi Philip,
You might want to look at this page to explain why "heresy" is the name of the publishing house:

With regard to my beliefs, I am actually just about to write a blog about the gospel, but until then you might want to look here:

[Though I totally realize the above might not really satisfy you. Perhaps in a day or two I'll have something more satisfying for you.]

Glad to have you on the forum!

[I hope you got the revised/corrected version... in case you didn't, I wanted to make sure you knew about --- I have all the scripture references there to make it easier to read the book.]

David Rudel said...

I realized after making that last comment that I really hadn't spoken to what you were asking about. Sorry for doing a poor job of "listening."

I know it always bothers me when people do not hear what I'm saying.

I grew up in the conservative branch of the Lutheran church, and I now worship at Hinton Avenue Methodist church:

I'm not a member of any group that would normally be considered fringe [or worse], but I do have more empathy for those groups simply because I realize that the earliest Christian thinkers would be considered cultists by modern Christians.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, it is important to know that I was fully happy with what I had been taught as a conservative Lutheran. I had no philosophical problem with all the standard doctrines of the Reformed church. It's just that when I started really reading the Bible I found that it did not support those doctrines.

I did not go fishing for a new understanding or paradigm. I wasn't looking for the Bible to tell me what I wanted to hear or draw a picture of God that I liked... I found the picture I had been given (and told was obvious) quite acceptable.

It's just that when I began earnestly reading the Bible again in graduate school I kept running into things that made that picture of God/Christianity make no sense.

So, I hope that explains a little bit the background.

Of course, it should not have surprised me that what I had been told was unlikely what the Bible says... to believe such a thing would require that somehow the truth lay undiscovered for 1400 years until it pounced, fully-formed into the minds of Luther, Calvin, etc.

[actually, it's harder than that...St. Augustine's theology was pretty close to what Luther, Calvin, etc. you end up having to say that the first 400 years of Catholic theologians just managed to completely miss the gospel, and then even after that gospel was found, it was not compelling enough for the church to keep it.]