Friday, August 14, 2009

Jail Time for Praying on campus!

This is going to be an interesting fight to watch.

There is a case where a principal and coach are threatened with actual jail time because they prayed (after being asked to) at a school employee lunch. Note that no students were present, though some parents were.

Read the story here.


Steve said...

Interesting. Sounds like both sides might be pushing this too far.

Note the source of the story: the Washington Times (not the Post): it's an ultra-conservative paper run by the moonies. The story, and comments, play right into conservative christianity's persecution complex and its rabid hatred of the ACLU--which only acted, btw, when somebody complained.

David Rudel said...

I dunno, Steve... I've found other sources that do not appear to contest the facts of the case (though they spin it very differently at the Examiner.)

If someone is in danger of jail time because he prayed (when asked) at a luncheon when no student was present, that seems to me a problem regardless of who is reporting it.