Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Gospel You've Never Heard now available in multiple e-book formats [for free]

I have used Smashwords to convert the book into a variety of ebook versions. All of these are available for free. The formatting, etc. is not as nice as the "real thing," but you can now read it on practically any device.

Links available here.


Burl Barer said...

Hi, when I finished uploading "One Father Many Children: Judaism and the Baha'i Faith," I came upon your ebook which I promptly downloaded. Good work! Raised Jewish, and having embraced Baha'i in my 20's (I'm now in my 60's) I was (and am) continually amazed at the "promulgated ignorance" of co-called Christianity. I think most Christians are shocked to discover that "what people believe" is almost completely irrelevant. It is all about deeds. After all, "mitzvah" means both "commandment" and "blessing" because what is a good deed other than a commandment kept? "Let deeds, not words, be your adorning"
Scholarship is impressive and important, yet I'm reminded of a Persian expression which doesn't really have an English equal...but I'll try: "A seated lover is preferable to a pacing scholar"

Thanks for all your fine work, and I hope you enjoy my contribution, "Judaism and Baha'i"

David Rudel said...

Thank you, Burl! And I hope to see you make further contributions here!

sweetdreams said...

I am reading your book and came upon this line:
Why would they not clearly state this “gospel,” and why would they incorporate so many teachings of Christ that consistently lead their readers to other conclusions?"

It triggered a thought not related to your book. This is exactly the same question I have been asking about the Trinity.

There were Thousands of opportunities to write
"There are three persons in God." "God is triune."
Jesus and the Holy Ghost are also God."
"Jesus is the second person of the Trinity."

And yet not one writer in the New says it and not one writer in the old says it.

sweetdreams said...

Typo on page 28
Every discussion of the Judgment by Jesus relates to words ad deeds,

Rebel Knight said...

That is because the Trinity is a false doctrine and heresy invented by Roman Emperor Constantine and the proto-Catholics centuries after Christ to satiate pagans. They are a family unit, but three individual beings.

Rebel Knight

sweetdreams said...

Rebel Knight

all of them are family but is one of them God, or two, or what is it father mother son? Can you clarify this family for us.